How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are those celebrations that are made to a man before getting married. It is the final stage for a beautiful married life to begin. And it is that, honestly speaking, more than anything it is about celebrating the future boyfriend and having a good time.

bachelor party

Our ideas for a bachelor party.

There are so many things that can be done at a bachelor party, so choosing what to do can sometimes become a bit of a chore. We recommend that if you are planning a bachelor party for someone else, you think about their tastes and their personality, and we as organizers will do the rest.

And is that really the bachelor party can be from a small party at home with all the loved ones of the person, to a night in which they play video games, billiards or a board game, a trip to a beach or somewhere that always have wanted to meet, go to a club or a nightclub, go to a game of a sport that you like or just spend a pleasant side by your side.

Say NO to Las Vegas for your bachelor party.

This may seem like a cliché, and the truth is, because the city of Las Vegas has traditionally been a place to get crazy in the middle of the desert, but in 70 years nothing in that city has changed. Going to bet some money, see girls in a club, or have a private party in an apartment is part of the routine.

In cities like Medellin, Cartagena or Panama City we give you more options including those mentioned above, for much less than half of what it can cost you in Las Vegas, without giving up luxury.

Here are some of our packages in Medellin, Cartagena or Panama.

What we offer you.

All the fun you can imagine, a fairly inexpensive VIP package for large groups, large mansions especially for parties, all the girls you want, luxury yachts, and the best nightclubs with a driver included, and better yet, a concierge that He will accompany the entire journey, fulfilling the whims of the guests.

Better than Las Vegas for a bachelor party? We say YES.

To find out about packages with guides to the best places, houses to rent and enjoy the best of Medellin, enter here.

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