Plan The Perfect Colombia Bachelor Party

Putting yourself in the plan of the perfect Colombian bachelor party is not an easy task, nor is it a task that the groom or best man would like to do, taking into account that it is the best man who has the obligation to organize it, but we have a better plan. With us you just have to make sure that you give us all the necessary information to organize this party, with the best possible itinerary and that you do not spend a lot of money.

This bachelor party rite will be quite special and we will make it possible for you. We will plan the perfect bachelor party in Colombia and in the city of your choice.

Cartagena or Medellin

It is the big question that many singles ask themselves when they want to come to Colombia to celebrate their bachelor party. And it is that both cities are competitive with each other for everything they can offer to the tourist who comes looking for adventures.

Cartagena: This is the romantic city of Colombia, this is because it preserves its colonial style mixed with modernity. Cartagena is the city of beaches, private islands, beautiful dark-haired women and a lot of Caribbean charm.

Medellin: This is different from Cartagena, Medellin is the charm of the Andean mountains and is known for being the sexy city of Colombia, this is because of its beautiful women. But it also stands out for having an explosive nightlife, luxury nightclubs.

Choosing one city or the other is not an easy task, since both have a lot to offer, but it will depend on your taste.


If our organization stands out in one thing, it is having the best vacation rentals in the country. Since these are not small apartments, but true temples for pleasure, rest and partying. In Cartagena, for example, our houses are very special, since most of them are perfect villas that date back more than 200 years and have been restored to be true temples.

Our Medellin houses are more modern, we are talking about mansions made with all the luxury available and the comfort to accommodate many guests. In these houses you will feel like you are in Beverly Hills but within reach of your pocket.

Luxury transportation

Transportation is something that worries many who come to Colombia, whether they are picked up at the airport, or perhaps want to move between cities, however we have what they need. Our package includes pick up at the airport as soon as you arrive in either of the two cities. We have professional experts and discreet drivers who will not only pick you up when you arrive, but will also take care of transferring you around the city.

In what kind of car? In whichever you prefer, we have luxury cars ranging from small sedans, trucks to limousines.

VIP Tours

Generally bachelor parties are just about a few friends having a few beers at a local bar or at a strip club. Those that go further only go as far as Las Vegas or Atlantic City. But the most daring come to Colombia, the best country in the world for bachelor parties. Our parties stand out from the rest because we go beyond strip clubs and bars, we add VIP tours to your party, this includes visiting emblematic places, racing on ATVs or mud bikes, even skydiving. Pick only the best, and that’s us.

Have you already realized which is the true perfect colombia bachelor party? What city are you thinking of, Cartagena or Medellin? We offer you the two cities all for you and your friends. Schedule a call right now and we’ll tell you everything and start preparing your itinerary.

To find out about packages with guides to the best places, houses to rent and enjoy the best of Medellin, enter here.

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