We’re going to Vegas for your Bachelor Party

Are we going to Las Vegas for your bachelor party? I do not believe it. This is what the movies tell us, although these types of parties tend to put their protagonists in somewhat thorny situations, not to say absolutely delusional. Anyway, what is the bachelor party for if not to get out of phase and have something to tell the grandchildren, right? Well, let’s see how you can organize a movie farewell but not in Las Vegas, read on.

Choosing an alternative for your bachelor party that is not Las Vegas.

We have much better alternatives than Las Vegas for your bachelor party, specifically 3 beautiful countries as an alternative, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica. These countries have large cities where the limits are only set by you, you can be in contact with nature, nightclubs, beautiful women and luxury at a low price.

Choose the accommodation.

First of all, and taking into account that we will already have the guest list and the plane tickets, it will be to book the accommodation where everything will begin. In these cities you have options for all tastes, so it will depend on the budget you have. Believe me, with us you will not need so much money.

Our options range from modest apartments to large mansions for 30 people. Here I show you some photos.

Do you want a limousine?

Are you going to celebrate the bachelor party in Colombia, Panama or Costa Rica and you are not thinking about moving in a limousine? Then it is better to find another site. At the very least, let them pick you up at the airport and bring you closer to the mansion while you enjoy your first drink in the city. In addition, our concierge will surely welcome you with a big smile. Larger and more sincere than if you arrive by bus, for sure.

Previous activities to start the party.

As not everything has to be dinner and a night party, you can take advantage of the number of services and activities that the city offers. For example, enjoy a good swim in the Mansion’s pool.

There are also other options, such as a buggy ride through the city, a paintball battle and of course a visit to one of the casinos and discos that are open day and night in the city.

Las Vegas is a unique city for a bachelor party, we know that, but don’t you think it has been the same for 70 years? Apart from the millionaire budget that you will pay. So choose well what you are going to do during the farewell party and you are sure to have a great time. Also, if you want something or you would love to repeat it, you just have to wait for another unconscious dear friend to get married and go back there.

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