Bachelor Party Tradition

The bachelor party is a party organized by the friends of the person who is about to marry as a gift before taking the most important leap of his life. The objective is to have their last nights in which they are supposed to commit some excesses that are not allowed in married life.

Held between members of the same sex and organized separately for the groom, by her friends, and for the bride, by her friends. They usually visit bars during the night, frequent a local strip-tease or design games with spicy and fun gifts.

The origin of this tradition dates back to ancient times. Historians of the Greek and Spartan cultures affirm that it is due to a tradition that sought to awaken virility and favor the fertility of the new couple.

What is the Baqueano party?

In ancient times, reference is made to the Greek festivals celebrated in honor of the God of wine. The men celebrated the elaboration of the spirit, with a procession to the Temple of Bacchus in which the mystery of the god’s wedding with the young Koré was represented.

Another theory from the ancient Greek world links bachelor parties to the fertility festivals held in Sparta in early spring. In dem the men celebrated for 12 days, culminating the festival with the ritual of union between the king and a priestess.

Test to overcome temptations

There was in Sparta in the Middle Ages, the custom of inviting the man who decided to marry, to a party organized by his friends in which it was determined if he really was in love with his wife and would not be unfaithful to her throughout their marriage. To do this, a girl began to be hired to attract the attention of the man and seduce him with a show, a tradition that continues to this day.

Bachelor Parties Today

colombia bachelor party

Currently, farewells are celebrated as an opportunity for both, together or separately, to share with friends, who will necessarily stop seeing each other for a while, while the new couple bonds and has a moment of relaxation between stress. and your own wedding planning efforts.

In addition, the party has been taken to much higher levels, taking it as an important event like the marriage itself, partygoers seek places outside the country like Colombia, renting beautiful and large mansions, or luxurious yachts for large groups.

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