Looking for las vegas bachelor party planner? Las Vegas is always thought of when this party is named, and it has been a lifelong tradition that bachelor parties are held in Las Vegas Nevada, and why not? Las Vegas for 70 years has been an incredible place to celebrate anything you want, from birthdays, marriages and the famous bachelor parties.

But over the years, people have searched beyond the borders, for example, Tijuana in Mexico, Costa Rica, and in the case of the article that we will talk about today, Cartagena Colombia.

Cartagena has become a destination par excellence for thousands of tourists who have visited it, they have realized that Colombia is not exactly what the news says, Colombia is history, culture and very friendly people. In this article we will talk about our packages so that your bachelor party is not in Las Vegas, but in Cartagena Colombia for much less money.

What are our Packages About?

Our packages are quite accessible for any budget, it is a matter of organizing yourself with your friends with a clear budget. Our package goes from a minimum of 10 people, to a maximum of 20 people (If there are more people, we can organize it).

These packages include everything from picking you up at the airport in a luxurious car, to VIP passes to the best nightclubs in Cartagena. Our packages range from beautiful and luxurious mansions, to Yachts that can hold up to 80 people.

Transport Service

Our transportation service is quite complete, we have cars of all sizes depending on the size of the group. This service starts once you arrive at the airport so you don’t have to deal with public transport or taxis, but more comfortably in one of our cars where we will receive you with drinks.

Additionally, this service will include transportation during your stay in the city of Cartagena, no Uber, no taxis, only our Cars. In a bachelor party in Las Vegas you have transportation, obviously yes, but not as personalized as ours, I assure you.

A VIP Concierge

This will be your personal assistant, it is a person from our team to whom we entrust the care of each one of you. Whatever you need, he’ll get it for you

From taking them around the city and serving as a local guide, serving as a translator if they don’t communicate with the Spanish language, to bringing girls with them so that the fun is on another level.

What About our Houses?

A bachelor party in Las Vegas usually takes place in large Hotels – Casinos, such as the prestigious Caesars Palace, The Bellagio or The Venetian ….. In short, true palaces of fun, we were there and the truth is another world, quite artificial, but in the end a temple of sin and fun.

We bet on something more personal without giving up luxury, we think of luxury properties for parties in a more intimate way, where you can make all the noise you want, parties in the pool or in the jacuzzi and without limitations.

Airbnb offers wonderful homes but you can’t make noise or party, they immediately kick you out without giving you a refund.

Let's go to the Adventure

Believe me there is a lot to do when it comes to bachelor parties in Cartagena, it is not only about luxurious houses or nightclubs, it is about adventure, activities that will raise your adrenaline to the maximum and you will never forget. Here we offer you rides on motorcycles, kayaks, jet skis, and something better than that….. Jumping in a parachute, would you dare? I think so.

The Most Important Ingredient

In our bachelor party package we are very interested in your comfort, that your only job is fun and madness. In our packages we include a private Chef, who will accompany you and prepare the most delicious meals, a private Bartender who will take care of the drinks and the most important DJ, who will keep the atmosphere active.

We know that at a Las Vegas bachelor party you will always party like never before, but I assure you that with your party in Cartagena you will spend 50% less for more fun, VIP passes to nightclubs and restaurants, totally beautiful girls, natural Latinas, and a wide Caribbean sea where you will not forget your trip and you will celebrate like never before. Schedule your video call right now and we’ll organize everything for you immediately.

To find out about packages with guides to the best places, houses to rent and enjoy the best of Medellin, enter here.

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