Lleras Park, the best area of Medellin

The Zona Rosa of Medellin.

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Lleras Park is the perfect destination if you want to spend an unforgettable night in Medellín. In this sector of El Poblado, one of the areas of the city with the greatest infrastructure for tourism, you will surely find what you are looking for: a store with local talent; a restaurant in which to taste fast or gourmet food; a quiet bar to chat, listen to music and share a cocktail; a disco to dance until dawn; or a place where you can do all four without having to travel.

During the day and in the afternoon, Lleras Park does not lose its charm. You can enjoy coffees, go to bookstores, visit clothing and design stores, or have lunch in a food restaurant anywhere in the world. Walking its streets in itself is an attractive plan, due to its facades of different styles and colors, and the surprises that you will find along the way, such as the sculpture of a couple from Aburraes, an indigenous community that lived in the territory

What to do in Lleras Park?

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In Parque Lleras you have one of the most diverse offers in nighttime and gastronomic entertainment in the city. Here we detail it!

Gastronomic offer, bars and nightly entertainment

You will find all kinds of gastronomic offer, with different styles and budgets, one of our favorite restaurants is El Cielo, because beyond a plate, it offers a whole multisensory experience

Likewise, in Lleras Park there are also spaces where you can talk and share a drink with friends, one of the most popular is the terrace of the Envy Hotel, where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city in the company of a cocktail or a beer.

If what you are looking for is dancing and entertaining yourself in a good party, Lleras Park has dozens of options, with a diversity of music and environments. You can choose between tropical rhythms, salsa, rancheras, reggaeton, rap, or a mix so you don’t get tired of the same at night. It’s up to you!

Among the offer some clubs that in Medellín we call fondas, you can find La Chismosa and Oye Bonita, both clubs with varied music; But if in addition to this you want extra fun, you can go to La Octava, which has a ball pool, or Alzina Public House, an English pub with billiards.

Cafes and pastries

Very close to Lleras Park, in the Provenza neighborhood, you can enjoy the diversity of small but delicious cafes where you can have a family plan, work meetings or get togethers with friends. Pergamino Café stands out, which offers experiences around the grain of Colombian origin.

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