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Why you Should Plan a Bachelor Party in Medellín Colombia? (Not Columbia)

In this Medellin Bachelor Party planning guide we show you why you should plan a bachelor party in Medellin and what are some of the best bachelor party ideas and activities for you to build an incredible bachelor party Medellin itinerary.

medellin bachelor party

Bachelor Parties in Medellin are superb because of many reasons, this city really encourage you and your party squad to explore some unique and fun things beyond the typical getaway itinerary, so it’s very recommend you to take some exciting Medellin adventure tours for day activities and then be atosnished by the beauty of the Paisas (Medellin women) and because the active and amazing nitghtlife scene.


About Medellin City, Colombia

Medellin Colombia Bachelor Party Destination

Medellín is the second largest and most progressive city in Colombia (not Columbia), it size and modernity partly play in its favor in terms of being a more ideal destination for bachelor parties than huge cities.

Medellin, Antioquia is home to more than 3 million people and has 10 times more nightclubs, strip clubs, casinos and party areas than most average Latin American cities. In fact, Medellin has a wide variety of nightspots filled with really stunning local girls.

This city that was once the home of the gangster culture icon (Pablo Escobar), has seen drastic changes over the past 20 years and now has a record low crime rate and an increase in social projects that augur even a more prosperous future.

Medellin has probably the world’s best weather but we both know you’re not coming down for a Bachelor Party in Medellin because of the weather.

Medellin is the Mecca for bachelors seeking to transgress (or not) some
of the known bachelor party rules, also this is the home of the hottest Latin women. This is definitely the kind of city that has it all to be the perfect adult playground to enjoy an outstanding lad weekend itinerary.

Simply Follow These Steps To Plan a VIP Bachelor Party In Medellin You Won't Forget

1. Where To Stay For A Bachelor Party In Medellin?


For your Bachelor Party in Medellin Colombia, you should stay in a luxury party house, mansion or villa preferably located in Medellin nicest neighborhood El Poblado (or Laureles), close to Parque Lleras, 70 street or nearby. There you will be very close to all the fancy restaurants, nightclubs bars and a lot of amenities and privacy to enjoy bad-ass private parties.

Check out our personal selection of 100% bachelor party friendly vacation rentals in Medellin Colombia, and know in advance where you will stay and enjoy VIP pool parties, BBQs, Colombian strip dancers show and all your wicked fantasies.

Whatever you need whenever you need it, Medellin’s finest at your fingertips! That’s basically the job of this Medellin Hero City Expert, who will also make sure you’re safe along the way, surrounded with beautiful friends (if you wish) and getting you the best stuff in the city for you and your party team during your VIP stag party in Medellin.

2. Hire a Medellin VIP City Concierge, Then Keep Calm and Enjoy!


3. Squeeze Your Medellin Party Trip!

Make your bachelor party experience different, encourage your party team to include some unique and fun things for the first time (at least in Colombia). We especially suggest taking some exciting Medellin City Tours and Adventure Tours for day activities on the outskirts of the city.

Medellin has a lot of outdoors plans to offer that will complement your unforgettable bachelor party in Colombia. Choose from a City Tour, the Guatapé Adventure Tour, Rio Claro Tour, San Felix Paragliding, Helicopter Rides, the Pablo Escobar Tour, ATV’S, Dirt Biking, Paintball, Golf, Hiking, Biking, Rafting, Tubing, Jet Ski’s, Boating, Water Skiing, Party Boats, Mountain Climbing and much more.

One of the especially recommend things to do while having any VIP Medellin bachelor party is having a crazy boat party in Guatapé Town.

Get out on a party boat in Guatape (a 90 minutes ride from Medellin), Colombia’s Key West sorrounded of mountains and enjoy and all-include party experience with drinks, a chef, music Dj and some hot girls aboard. Also, enjoy Jet Skies and a Flyboard Machine in serene calm conditions, kayaking and of course don’t forget to climb the huge rock of El Peñol.

4. Enjoy A Boat Party & Other Aquatic Attractions in Guatapé Town

5. Where to eat and drink in Medellin?​


For eating, drinking and having a great time in Medellin before a wild party night, for lunch or breakfast you can head to Lleras Park and 10 Street in El Poblado, or got to the 70 and 74 street in Laureles, near the Atanasio Girardot stadium, those are definitely the best places to chill out for a while and taste the widest variety of gastronomic and booze options in Medellin.

All of this eating & drinking areas have a really nice and cozy atmosphere, many with live music where you can enjoy with your friends a vast International Food Fair (Argentine, Arab, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Peruvian, American fast food among many more) and of course, Colombian food, excellent Breweries, and an incredible amount of high-quality pubs, cafes, and bars.

There are many options for spending a great bachelor’s night in Medellin, so it is really recommended you and your buddies go on a Pub Crawl tour to find the right party atmosphere based on your preferences. Don’t worry you won’t be alone in the dark, your VIP City Concierge is the key plan this exciting tour and we already have all the trendy places spotted up to the date for you and your crew party like Pros.

From ideal nightclubs and strip clubs with VIP bottle service and table service to limousines or party buses to take you to the best VIP private parties in Medellin to see gorgeous topless dancers and stunning Colombian talent girls, indeed everything you need to make your Stag Party in Medellin Colombia the most epic and unforgettable event.

6. Get Amazed By The Medellin Nightlife Scene!


7. Enjoy The Most Wicked All-Included Private Pool Parties in Medellin


Make the groom and his party crew feel like they are in a reggaeton music video having a great time by the pool of your bachelor party house. Imagine you and your friends around the pool attended by bartender providing you with exceptional booze, eating a tasty bbq catered by a professional chef, listening to awesome music played by a Dj and our signature concierge that is with you throughout the entire time to get you the hottest girls and the most high-quality weed!

Well, don’t imagine it, come and live it, because this is an unmissable activity every of our VIP bachelor party in Medellin includes by default.

Wait No More, Make It Happen!

Our Bachelor Parties Medellin Team is Ready To Help You Craft An Epic VIP Medellin Travel! Experience the most exceptional bachelor party trip in Medellin, whatever you need, whenever you need it will be at your fingertips!

Or Check Below Our Pre-Built All-Included Medellin Bachelor Party Packages...

Planning A Bachelor Party In Medellin Colombia Can Be As Easy As Choosing One Of This All-Inclusive Bachelor Party Packages

Bachelor Party Medellin Package Level 1

4 Days / 3 Nights
Per Person (10 People Min / 20 Max)
  • For pricing for more than 10 people please contact us
  • 100% Bachelor Party Friendly Luxury House in Parque Lleras "El Poblado"
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • 1 Breakfast cooked with chef
  • 1 Dinner cooked with chef
  • House Party with Dj
  • Paintball excursion

Bachelor Party Medellin Package Level 2

4 Days / 3 Nights
Per Person (10 People Min / 20 Max)
  • For pricing for more than 10 people please contact us
  • Airport Transfer
  • Cooler of beer on bus for pickup
  • 100% Bachelor Party Friendly Luxury House in "El Poblado"
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • Daily breakfast + 1 Dinner (Professional Chef)
  • Transportation to and from Restaurants and Clubs
  • 1 Bbq Pool Party with Food, Alcohol, Dj and a Round of Massages
  • Pablo Escobar tour
  • 1 Night Vip Club Table and Entrance with (1 Bottle Included)

Bachelor Party Medellin Package Level 3

4 Days / 3 Nights
Per Person (10 People Min / 20 Max)
  • For pricing for more than 10 people please contact us
  • All Needed Transportation
  • 100% Bachelor Party Friendly Luxury House in "El Poblado"
  • The house will be fully equipped with alcoholic beverages
  • 24-7 VIP Concierge
  • Breakfast included
  • Security
  • Medellín City Tour
  • Comuna 13 Tour
  • Pablo Escobar Tour
  • ATV ride through the countryside
  • Full Day Guatape Tour
  • Indications of the best restaurants
  • We will introduce you to our best friends
  • Wicked Private Pool Party + BBQ Chef + Music Dj and a Round of Massages
  • Full Day Guatape Tour (Entrance To The Stone Of El Peñol)
  • Boat Party In Guatape (Music + Food + Booze + 2 Jet Skis Included)
  • Medellin Nightlife Tour

Custom Your Medellin Party Package

The packages can be customized to your needs and what you want to have exclusive access to. Unlike other Medellin Bachelor Party agencies in Medellin, we actually live here and we all speak English!

Our competitors operate out of their office by calling different suppliers (including us!) and mix and match services together, we are a company that works towards perfection for a unique and unforgettable experience. 

Keep in mind that all of our Medellin Bachelor Party Packages have access to the best of what the country has to offer. No one will offer you what we do! 

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