Here is your entire medellin bachelor party itinerary, we will show you what a party tour would be like through this beautiful city, known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, it is a vibrant and dynamic destination, perfect for a bachelor party unforgettable. With its pleasant climate, enviable nightlife and a wide variety of exciting activities, Medellín offers everything you need to celebrate the last days of singleness in an epic way. Below, we present a three-day itinerary that includes the best of the city for a bachelor party full of fun and adventure.

Day 1: Arrival and Urban Exploration

Arrival in Medellín: Start your trip with an early arrival in the city. From José María Córdova International Airport, you can take a taxi or private shuttle to your hotel in the heart of Medellín.

Check-in at our accommodation: We have many accommodation options, from a luxurious hotel in El Poblado to cozy villas. Choose the place you prefer, all of them exude luxury and splendor.

Lunch at Mercado del Rio: This gastronomic market is ideal for tasting a variety of local and international dishes in a modern and lively atmosphere.

Tour of downtown Medellín: Visit Plaza Botero, where you can admire the iconic sculptures of artist Fernando Botero. Next, head to the Museum of Antioquia to learn more about the history and art of the region.

Dinner in El Poblado: The El Poblado neighborhood is known for its excellent restaurants and lively nightlife. Enjoy dinner at one of the many gourmet restaurants in the area.

Bar Crawl: Explore Medellín’s vibrant nightlife with a bar crawl in El Poblado. From chic cocktail bars to craft breweries, there’s something for everyone.

Day 2: Adventure and Adrenaline

Paragliding in San Félix: Start the day with a dose of adrenaline flying paragliding over the impressive landscapes of Medellín. San Félix is ​​one of the best places for this activity and offers spectacular views of the city and surrounding mountains.

Breakfast in the mountains: After paragliding, enjoy a typical Antioquian breakfast in one of the mountain restaurants in the area.

Paintball or Karting: To continue the adventure, we will take you to a paintball field or a karting track in Medellín. These activities are perfect for friendly competition and having a fun time with friends.

Lunch at Mondongos Restaurant: Try one of the region’s most traditional dishes, tripe, at this popular restaurant.

Party in our villas: We have excellent villas for a private party. Here you will find swimming pools, barbecue areas and large spaces to dance and enjoy without restrictions from neighbors or noise.

DJ and entertainment: Hire a DJ and entertainers to keep the energy high throughout the night. Don’t forget to organize themed games and activities to make the night even more special.

Day 3: Relax and Farewell

Spa and relaxation: After a night of partying, enjoy a relaxing morning at one of Medellín’s luxury spas or massages at the accommodation. A massage or hydrotherapy session is perfect to recharge your batteries.

Brunch in Laureles: Head to Laureles for a leisurely brunch at one of its cozy cafes. This neighborhood is known for its relaxed atmosphere and notable dining options.

Comuna 13 Tour: Discover the transformation of Medellín with a guided tour of Comuna 13. This tour allows you to learn about the history and culture of one of the most famous neighborhoods in the city, in addition to enjoying its impressive urban art murals.

Souvenir Shopping: Stroll through local markets and craft stores to buy souvenirs and gifts.

Farewell dinner at Carmen: Celebrate the last night in Medellín with a special dinner at Carmen, one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, known for its innovative cuisine and elegant atmosphere.

Cocktails at Envy Rooftop: End the night with cocktails at Envy Rooftop, a rooftop bar with panoramic views of Medellín and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Final Tips

Security: We provide security guards if you wish, we include reliable transportation services.

Reservations: Make reservations in advance for all activities, especially for restaurants and special events, and you will access our best prices.

Enjoy responsibly: Medellín is a welcoming and vibrant city, enjoy everything it offers in a responsible and respectful manner.

With this medellin bachelor party itinerary it will be an unforgettable experience, full of exciting moments, good food and lots of fun. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

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