Colombia Bachelor Party

colombia bachelor party

The bachelor party in colombia is one of the most anticipated and exciting events for the groom, before taking the big step of saying “yes” to the lucky bride. However, despite how important it is for many groups of friends of the bride and groom, it often happens that they are not carried out in […]

Skydiving in Cartagena

skydiving in cartagena

Would you like to go skydiving in Cartagena? We add adrenaline to your bachelor party in the walled Cartagena, where you will live great emotions that will be a memory for your whole life, and more for that of your friends who will be with you. We invite you to read this article to the […]

Bachelor Party Tradition

las vegas bachelor party

The bachelor party is a party organized by the friends of the person who is about to marry as a gift before taking the most important leap of his life. The objective is to have their last nights in which they are supposed to commit some excesses that are not allowed in married life. Held […]

Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas?

las vegas bachelor party

Throughout 70 years of history, the ideas for a bachelor party in Las Vegas are more than well known, this place has been the temple of the parties for thousands of tourists who travel each year, but this is still more of the same year after year, without new ideas for the fun of the […]

We’re going to Vegas for your Bachelor Party

bachelor party planning guide

Are we going to Las Vegas for your bachelor party? I do not believe it. This is what the movies tell us, although these types of parties tend to put their protagonists in somewhat thorny situations, not to say absolutely delusional. Anyway, what is the bachelor party for if not to get out of phase […]

How to Plan a Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties are those celebrations that are made to a man before getting married. It is the final stage for a beautiful married life to begin. And it is that, honestly speaking, more than anything it is about celebrating the future boyfriend and having a good time. Our ideas for a bachelor party. There are […]

What happens at a Bachelor Party

bachelor party

“Well, we’ll have to do a bachelor party, right?” A tense and uncomfortable silence is installed in any conversation when someone proposes it. It can happen for two reasons. The first, because the idea that we have internalized about bachelor parties is somewhat archaic, and there are those who flinch when someone even thinks of […]

Bachelor Party in South America

South America has become a great destination for bachelor parties and today, with the trend of group travel on the rise, it is more common for this event to become an excuse to have that trip with friends that you have dreamed of so much. What better opportunity than to celebrate this important step in […]

Fashionable neighborhoods in Medellin | Bachelor party

Colombia bachelor party Many of our clients who have come to a bachelor party in Medellin, have realized the diversity of this metropolis, its wide city and its green areas are the most attractive points for thousands of foreigners who come every year. In this article we will talk about the most famous neighborhood in […]

Say no to Las Vegas, come to Colombia | Bachelor Party

Colombia bachelor party In a few years, the city of Las Vegas was the quintessential destination for bachelor parties, people from all over the world traveled year after year to spend their vacations in this emblematic city in the middle of the desert. Due to its Casinos, its lights that illuminate the night sky of […]